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bbykevin replied to your post “today feels like thursday but it’s only wednesday  i want to hang out…”

actually i left after 3rd pd id ask how the test went but i dont want your scores to get cancelled so i hope it went well

why’d you leave

was it for a “medical abscence”????? (chekc ur rich/white privilege not everyone can have their parents pick them up from school when they feel like it ur privilege is hurting me) 

also do you feel like tomorrow should be a blue day but it’s actually a grey day and today was a blue day 

plus ms v is obsessed with avengers stuff. she claims her brother was the one who got her addicted. “once you get into it you have to keep up because they overlap.” she was upset that she missed an episode of SHIELD for that reason. she wanted to see nick fury do nick fury things. 

additonally ms v dislikes star trek because she doesn’t understand the underlying math/science principles. she dislikes doctor who for that reason as well. 

most importantly, ms v has a mind palace. she says she can see equations/numbers floating over our heads. she has never watched sherlock. 

however: the point i wanted to make is that ms v did all the frq and i’m fairly confident i got a 5. i checked my answers (mentally, of course) with her answers and they’re mostly right (translation: i fucked up on the series question like i knew i would). fuck yes. she did say that you and sierra had different versions, though. i had the same form for all of my exams. 

wow check ur assumptions. my mom couldn’t pick me up so i took the bus and walked
yeah i felt like that all last week since my tests were m/w/f
:D tell her the last maos ep was great and that theyre all available on google play for like $2/ep
yeah i get that with trek and dw but at the same time im willing to just let it go and love the shows (and say that the writers dont know what the fuck theyre talking about with the science stuff)

she mentioned the equations thing before to my class. super cool. i read a bit about the mind palace thing after the last season of sherlock, and it turns out they’re actually reasonably common. and from what we talked about in psych this year, it’s totally legit.

yay! good for you! :D yeah, series are… annoying. did you actually remember all your answers, or just enough to check your process? (i forgot everything i wrote the moment i walked out of the aux gym lol)

wait, you mean you had the released form for all your exams? lucky!

A message from Anonymous
Spock is forced to make the impossible choice, to save either Jim or McCoy. Spock knows, whoever he saves, will never forgive him for not choosing the other.


The screaming almost breaks him. For all the years he’s strengthened and honed his resolve, Spock almost turns back and reaches for the doctor, but he can’t. The choice has been made and he’s dragging the Captain back to the safety of the Enterprise. Jim is still screaming at him, trying to wrench himself free of the Vulcan’s grasp on his torso. He’s switching rapidly between reasoning and threats but Spock resolutely ignores both.

When he turns on spot to look at the doctor one last time, the man known as Bones looks back. His care worn face is impassive as he watches both captain and first officer leave him behind. There is only the slightest nod to Spock before the guards drag him out of sight. Jim’s voice breaks over one last lingering scream, lost to the energizing beam. 

“Why? Spock why wouldn’t you chose him?” Jim won’t even look his first officer in the eye. 

“You are the Captain, the crew needs you.” It isn’t a lie but it’s not why he saved Jim. The statement gives something for the captain to hold on to, a person to blame. Spock might as well have murdered McCoy himself and Kirk will never forgive him. It pains him, but Spock knows that that anger will allow his captain to keep moving. Jim has always been able to turn anger into determination. 

It is reassuring to know that Jim will be able to move on, if not in love, then at least in life. But it doesn’t erase the doctor’s words from Spock’s dreams at night. 

“They’re going to make you chose Spock and you better chose Jim. He’ll feel like it’s destroying him but then he’ll get angry and that will keep him going.”

“You ask me to do the impossible. I cannot choose between my friends.” 

“Then choose your captain, if you don’t you’ll have killed us both anyway. Please. Promise me you’ll choose Jim.” 

Spock startles awake gasping for breath, the pleading look in McCoy’s eyes still fading from his vision. It’s been a decade and he’s still not sure he made the right decision. Often he thinks of calling Jim for counsel, to ask if he was wrong to take the doctor’s final request. Just as often he’s reminded that Jim hasn’t spoken a word to him in ten years. 

Kevin in Captives

Kevin in Captives

She is the Slayer.


Sam Winchester meme;

☂ Favorite scenes {4/8}: 4.01 Lazarus Rising

Doctor Who meme | nine scenes [8/9]

Today was the first time I understood, truly understood that I will never see her again.

Mad, impossible Amelia Pond.

Mad, impossible Amelia Pond.